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We offer Insulated Concrete Form Foundation Walls, or ICFs, (sometimes called “poured concrete walls”) as an option for your home. The benefits include energy cost savings, strength, safety and environmental advantages.

Homes and buildings constructed with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) look the same as any other building on the street. It’s on the inside that concrete and foam are working together to create a strong, efficient structure.

At their most basic level, insulated concrete form walls serve as a forming system for poured concrete walls. The ICFs remain in place and become part of the wall structure, providing insulation on both sides of the wall. The exterior allows any type of finish from stone to stucco.



Return on Investment.  Choosing a more advanced building material means an initial investment that will pay dividends as time goes on. With the durability of a concrete structure and the potential for increased resale value, ICFs are the perfect fit for projects of any type.

Lower Energy Costs.  Energy savings from 50 to 80% provide an evident benefit. Fully insulated concrete walls keep cold and hot air where it should be, maintaining a more consistent temperature inside.

It's about quality.  With unmatched strength and versatility, ICFs stack to make the building you want, no matter how intricate the design.

Sustainability.  ICFs take advantage of recycled materials for their creation and unused portions are recyclable. By reducing the number of elements taken from trees and slow renewing sources, ICFs are a product with a positive impact on the environment. Plus, the insulated concrete means significantly lower energy usage.


Strength & Safety.  ICF steel-reinforced concrete walls are engineered to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour. ICFs proved their strength in 2005 when a tornado ripped through a Wisconsin town, destroying everything in its path. Only a ICF-built home remained standing, with no damage to the walls themselves. ICF walls have withstood fire for as much as four hours, providing safety and
security for those inside.


Clean Air.  An ICF built structure is a safe haven from irritants that can aggravate occupant’s allergies and health. Concrete-filled, steel-reinforced walls help eliminate worries about incoming particles, mold, moisture and outside allergens while creating a clean air environment.

Peace & Quiet.  ICFs rated the quietest building product on the market mean an environment undisturbed by outside noises. The concrete walls deliver unmatched soundproofing to effectively shut out unwanted noise from room to room or outside to inside. Be sure to click on the YouTube video to learn more!

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We use Nudura forms for our walls. Go to their site to learn even more about why ICF walls are the best choice for your new home! 

And be sure to watch this video on YouTube:

Insulated concrete walls, ICS's, poured walls, foundations, new home construction
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